Life of Hevel


The breath of the ground

The life was beautiful, the ground was abundant, and the royal family was satisfied just as their people. The king of this era of prosperity named Hevel, because they believed that it was their god and that it had insufflated the life with their kingdom. It was a good and noble king loved by his people. He controlled his kingdom with wisdom and with a hand closes and its people supported it with honesty.

King Hevel had an only son, Kayin. The king had failed in only one thing, and it was his/her son. Kayin was spoiled and believed strongly that the pagan gods had blessed it in all that it wished. It always observed his father, looking at it acting with the citizens of the kingdom, and of scorn held it. He saw that his/her father was patient and spoke to the villagers, whereas its time passed to him to paresser and to order its servants.

Among the children of the kingdom the most intimate friend of Kayin was the son of the captain of the guard of the kingdom, Joshua. Joshua spent all its time with Kayin, they went in the village together, and they were as different one from the other as the day and the night. Like all, Joshua believed in the pagan gods and, although it found Kayin sometimes cruel, Josuah was persuaded that Kayin held the divine right and that thus it could make as good seemed to him.

Late in spring of the 13th year of the life of Kayin, a strange disease struck the kingdom. The father of Kayin prohibits to him to play with the children of the kingdom. However, it was too late, because it was already falls ill. When the symptoms were declared, his/her father sent to seek all the healers and the witches looking after among his and the surrounding villages. He requested the priests to sacrifice most beautiful of each one of their animals, with the gods of the cure. The weeks were passed and slowly the life left the boy until the sad day when the knell sounded 13 times announcing the death of the young prince.

His/her father was desperate and close to the madness. The good king fasted, and sacrificed to the gods, however nothing did not make leave the pain. One night, a servant of confidence of the king came to him and D `arréter advised to him and to rest its spirit, in order to leave its body and heart to calm itself. The wise king was locked up with key in his room, and probed his heart as the man had advised.

The first night of meditation and insulation, King Hevel had a strange vision. He was connected with the wall of a cave, and other with dimensions were held upright the statues of its gods. These gods seemed to fixedly look at it with anger. All around him it could see the forms of other human connected with the wall. He saw them all units, but was in impossibility of distinguishing them individually. Their face was smiling, however it could feel misery in the air. Although it tested, it was not able to be released from its chains. Not seeing any manner of escaping the vision, the king continued to meditate.

At the eighth day of the imprisonment to this vision the good king had an illumination. Fixedly looking at the idols, it considering which they were not annoyed, because without emotion none. They were out of stone, and the divinities whom he saw through her it was not by in the belief which he had of them. Immediately, the idols started with émietter, and with them its chains were destroyed. He left out of the cave, in the sunlight and taken a puff of fresh air, for the first time as a free man.

The dynasty of the thought

With the death of Kayin, the dynasty was broken, but King Hevel saw a solution. The father of Joshua was a cousin moved away, and Hevel had made the decision to announce Joshua as a its new heir. It made confidence with the boy, because people had already learned how to like it. He saw wisdom in this boy, and had confidence which he could teach to him what he had learned from his vision.

A few hours after Hevel gave up its meditation, it made call Joshua with the palate. When can the gardçon arrived, it prosterna (largely), Your Holiness, how I be useful to you?

Hevel invited the boy to sit down, you will start by calling more me Your Holiness. Because I discovered that we are both also holy (blessed) in our nature. (or equal in our holiness)

After the death of my son, I learned by a vision which there is only one God, who conceived the totality of the world, including us. Our actions and positions are only the results of this nature that it gave us to all. Sons, thinks of the world, and the actions of the so-called gods. It cannot be possible that these creatures exist, it is artificial (not naturalness).

Joshua made as required and both started a long conversation. During several days both meditated together and discussed their touvailles there. In Joshua, the king had found not only one new son, but a close friend.

Appreciating the company of another thinker, King Hevel and Joshua decided that they would teach with others more than those join them. They started while teaching with their families, friends and servants of their house.

The kingdom of the slaves

The years advanced and the kingdom continued to thrive. Each one had food to eat, and clothing to be carried. However, the people were unhappy. The pagan temples had fallen in dilapidation, and the rumours which the king had given up the old gods proved to be true.

Each Saturday, the king left and spoke to the people, about the kingdom and of his new beliefs. He requested them to consider the meditation, to think for themselves, but they did not do it. The pagan priests considered (took the party) to give their values to the people, and to curse King Hevel for his new faith.

The pagan ones of the kingdom met together, and invited the other pagan nations to make fall their king heretic. The chief of this army was not null other than I' yov, the father of Joshua. Joshua reported that the army moved against King Hevel. The king brings together his disciples (companions) in the palate and they began the preparations for the war, however, they were too very few.

This night there, I' yov led the army to the doors of the palate of the King Hevel' S. Joshua carried out the few faithful troops (honest) in a battle against his/her father, but they were not enough. It made retirement in the palate, and the whole community left by a secret tunnel which carried out them in the Judaea desert.

The first Community

In the desert, the few survivors grew and carried out a wandering life. King Hevel led (guided) the nomads with the assistance of Joshua. It took the title of Admor, because he was their Lord and Professor, and led the people in the meditation, whereas Joshua took care of the wellbeing of the community. Joshua found shelters for the people (them/the people), it never let die of hunger one two, and it took care that none controls the other. The people saw that it was right, and Tzadik called it.

The small community had been confronted with many difficulties, but they were happy of share their wise “command” and their new faith. They traversed the desert, never stopping in a place for a long time, because the other nomads were pagan, and did not appreciate them. Often the pagan Bedouins tried them to control, physically and mentally, however Tzadik Joshua was strong, and lesson LED 'Admor Hevel was wise and together they defended the community.

After several years in the desert, Admor Hevel had aged and died (ended up muorir). The community spent 2 days crying it silently, and 2 days renting it. With the site of its tomb, each one planted a robust flower of Spinoza, because this one represented, the difficulties which the community would be brought to cross. Thus (began) the great community of the Wise ones started.

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