Book 1- The Book of Kingdoms

The message
Great figures: Ho' Man > Hoane says Oane
Date: mists of time
Country - country: unspecified
>>>> The message: transmission towards the East/the West/North/the South

Initiates of Egyptian religious science
Great figures: anonymities
Date: - 2880
Country - country: Egypt
> History or teaching: ???

Chronicle of Kings de Judée
Great figures: Joshua, Hevel
Date: - 1760
Country - country: Sumer, Canaan
> History or teaching: discovered meditation and sequence of the human ones

Doctrinary of the kingdoms of the East
Great figures: still unknown
Date: - 1500
Country - country: towards the East
> History or teaching: ???

Researchers greco-Romans of the immanence
Great figures: Héramandre, Démocrite, Epicrèce
Date: Towards -630/-271 approx.
Country - country: Greece, Italy
> History or teaching: Teaching of the apeiron or infinite like combination of the elements by universal fire symbol of the substance activates Whole. Prove the not-creation of the world (“Nothing does not come from nothing, and nothing, after being destroyed, goes back there.” ), like its composition by the atoms, this Substance of the matter. Teaching of the ethics of freedom distinct from morals.

Date: towards 3-72
> History or teaching: Compiler of the dogma, “inventor” of the name spinozist

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